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Designers - Massimo Iosa Ghini
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Big Mama

Dinamic Collection

1959 Born in Bologna

From 1982 At the same time as studying he started drawing comic strips and illustrations published by Italian magazines.

1985 He started co-operating with RAI in the implementation of sceneries, costumes, objects and videos.

1986 He belongs to the Menphis group.
1986 He founded Bolidismo in Bologna. His contribution in modern design distinguishes his design research.

dal 1980 He has been implementing interior design projects, settings and exhibition stands for Piaggio Omnitel, Ferrari and Maserati Superga.
One of his recent projects was the main underground station in Hanover, built in 2000 on the occasion of Expo.

In the industrial design field, he has worked for Cassina, Flou, Mandarina Duck Poltrona Frau Twergi by Alessi, Snaidero and Duravit.
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